Extravagance like a lottery ticket

Pay you in full when I am done being dull

Alive as alive can be was never me—

A heart beats, a praise in the streets—

Dance or dirge until there is a purge from

Above—I have to many little excuses that have

Made one big problem—Are you good? Are you

For me? Is not living a tragedy? Heart bleeds, heart

Beats, flooded like when we were kids, like rain,

Like pain—slept on the floor for closer to the ground

Was a better kind of security, lowly was the King of Kings

But now I wait for a rearrange,

I carry pocket change,

A penny Savior, a Ramen flavor, a broken microwave

Of religious dreams—I saw the sun and remembered

When summer did cost something—

Extravagant lover, no more leftovers,

Poverty is on the inside, outer me says pretty

With no pain—I will not die today and live tomorrow—

Only extravagance can fuel this romance, can

Keep me going after you and the faces that reflect


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