Hide me in the corner

I feel its getting warmer,

Find me in the hiding place,

In the refuge of the deluge of

Pain and the rain of the rearrange

That comes from sitting with You,

Easter is a disaster if You only show

Up today,

The cross beam be lifted high above

Me, around this neck of tragedy,

Blood so pure,

Was made not so sure

Red anymore,

Black and blue and bruised

Reeds were the reasons for

Those stripes,

Tender shoots with no roots,

I am addiction,

I am false fiction,

I am a poisoned diction,

I am living with this

Friction—I have no clue

What it’s worth,

Two middle fingers to

God, staff and a rod,

More a rod for a half heart

Cannot burn hot for love–

He is up to no good is what

We say when we know Him not,

Easter, let it be, not a disaster of

Just living for You today,

Let it be me not in the corner,

But me with light, with right

Things to think upon

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