Think Tank

I can’t think in the think tank

Shark fangs and wolf fins

Aren’t we just animals if we

Had no hearts? Gold and glitter

And strips of those memories—furiously

In love with distraction,

But I see yellow on your face,

I see that you want bright to set

You right—city of dreams, city

Of sun, city of humid, find me a cupid,

Call me stupid for looking for acceptance—

Dark and light is the final fight

I am wrong about being right

I am wrong about trusting everything

You hear, I am far away from the closest

Place I could ever be,

Ever be, ever be next to me,

I am burning up and the tightrope

Is giving up, park nights, angry fights,

Another mother sacrificed again,

Another lover disappeared again,

Another day to write it anew,

All I know is mercy for it has

Made me thirsty—think tank

No more, thoughts now hit the floor—

Shark fangs for that sin that so easily

Splits me—think tank no more of a prank

Than a set-up—my thoughts need You

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