City With A Weight

City with a weight on it( with a never ending blessing) is from Vampire Weekend’s song Worship You.

Can’t quit,

City with a weight,

City with a never ending story to

Be rewritten,

Overly Zionistic with a lack

Of the crucifix,

Traditional man, praying to the

Saints of old, resurrected the mold

Of the old ways of all who have ever

Said ‘this is the way,’ this is the ‘correct’

Way to pray—wrong maybe, messy always—

Revival haters, God cannot be good if its not in

Order, decent is a recent claim, dead as can be

Inside glories memory,

Can’t quit in understanding,

I can quit the hype, pull it down and

Replace it with life,

Freeway addiction is everyone’s

Nonfiction, traffic lights with the

Eye of the beholder,

Furiously in love with the

Screen’s invitation, bigger

And better Avenger soon to be,

Give way to wrath, ask amiss to be

Thrown in with the bliss of not knowing

Seared in Sears is everyone’s Saturday

Tragedy, John Deere relaxation, outside

Garden is perfect but those roots in you

Don’t go deep,

City with a weight,

Man does hate those plans He has,

Am I the city of the battle Ax?

Am I a worthy weapon,

Worthy is your worthless word

The cross come down,

Can’t look at it,

Can’t love those that don’t

Want it,

Taco Tuesday has abused you,

Freedom ain’t so free if I have

To answer for this mystery—but

Nothing else gives life but You

And the city I live in

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