Away With

In the pursuit is passion and disappointment and pain that takes you from ‘glory to glory!

Night rider

Mercy collector,

Forgery affair—blacksmith of a

Duty, flame set in front of me—thought

Of You all summer long, under those shade

Trees was the delicacies that couldn’t be

Dealt with—

Rightly is where I should be but

Here is where I am—sunset lover,

Waiting to discover,

Dark shadows in the softest of lies,

Orange for safety,

Beach fires, sanded sides of

This ship, going down seems to be

Going around,

Up a little, down a lot, darkness without

Light can never be fought,

Gifts are caught,

But love is taught-

Early I seek, no excuses for the

Meek–the earth is now, the earth

Is future, ruling with secrets inside

Mission statement up for payment,

Early departure requires Your signature—

Death is not ready to take me,

Though we are always ready to be

With You, its not a rapture, its not a

Taking away with, its not a debate anymore—

Its how I live that matters—the end is near

When I want it to be, today is the day for

Pursuit, for answers, for a part of you that

Can never be happy—you made those same

Changes, wrote it on stages, lived in the sages

Of old—love makes you not rhyme sometimes—

I am high above the darkness that used to consume

Me—blood over it, flooded for it,

Vultures used to hover, for I was made to

Discover what it is worth to live

And what it will cost to stay there

Abundance in Joy, but not always in

Materials, abundance in love but not always

In things feeling easier.

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