No end to you

Find your beginning

Find the power cord

Wield the sword

Mystery me seeks You

On my side I slept last night-

Closer to the floor—that seems right—

Frigid is the fridge I live in,

Scared and fear you are near

Regret digs into the carpet

For its dirty anyways!

Sonnets on the floor

Sugar with the rubber

Now what I love sticks to me

I do—lover with two fingers

Hands all over these devices

And the vices of death that work with me—

Now advice is to ice this—retainer for this

Ship, a bruised hip is to the man that doesn’t let go

Alcohol trash can vomit on the night stand

Can your words make you sick?

Can pain really stick to you and carry you around to a place

You never knew of?

Sanded sides of this ship

Its around here, it’s a big kind of fear

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