Heartbreak dreamer

City with a weight on it

I digress past wordpress

I press past today and the

Heated asphalt— now its me that

Has cracked this road I am on,

This path we walk upon—its me

That has asked for Your voice,

For it to split me in a million pieces,

This frail needs some braille, for a blind

Me can lead me down the same mountain

Town road we had before growing old—

Parades and dreams used to fill this city,

Now it’s the principalities that rule this place—

A palace is now, a dump was then, a crumb is

Still all I can handle—up has the rich man looked

For Lazarus can’t die twice!

Mercy or justice or just a little bit of water

Without a hint of repentance—dreamer with

A heartache, city shadows make mistakes—

Where is light? Where are friends? Where is

Anyone who cares? Backup to this plan ended

Way back when, settled upon what will never

Settle like water in the kettle, this heart is

Burning up and mapping out a new way out

Of that place called fear and disaster

For it can no longer be called master—

It leads those nights that recede the

Hairline, those fears like a pipeline—

Underneath this shadowed city is

A new kind of poetry, words that make

Sense, prose that probe the hard parts

Of you, I will go, I will speak, I will seek

To be meek in the weakest of sunny days—

Into the sea we might go but not before a

Trumpet sound or a grave caller or a mile

High city lined up in Glory—this is the backup

Plan, started on the mountaintop now present

In fire, it is continuance in our hearts but it

Is love that changes our plans—I will follow,

I will hallow, I will swallow again the death

It takes to live today

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