Can’t let go of the yesteryear

Of what was once so clear—tattooed

Memories midnight stamps and

Daily envelopes of thoughts for you—

Beach with you,

New view,

Innocence up for payment,

Sold it for the price of rent-

Slavery for the cavity called now,

Called with you, called looked at by those

That never knew—the earth is now, the

Earth is covered with you—fireworks were

Up to you, but the flame stayed the same—

Flushed it down that grace message,

Orange town had its mark upon me,

Late night memories or midnight regrets—

Days on end wanting it all to end—the world

And us forever, but the beach was a bust,

Those clothes too tight, your money problems

In my face—I am a dreamer and so is this state—

But a breach came in between you and the beach—

Stole innocence, let it slip away, this was the start of

The journey—to erase what feels forgotten, feels

Indelible and selectable memories for the rest of

The future—who’s in this and what is this life all


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