Backup Plan With Fire

Giving up like a pharmacy on

Empty, sidewalks like the ocean

Swimming in the sun,

Seeing what’s real

Feeling it to much

In to much a rush to grow up

Grays are not forming yet but

The fears of regret how they do

Attach—yesterday was never the

Reason for today—

A crime to commit to never

Admit the fears you live in—

Giving up like a pharmacy on

Empty—numbness is my deafness

Don’t we all go to the same place?

Is pain the clearest way forward—

I will win at this difficulty, I will not

Write this tragedy yet,

I will face what every man faces:

His older influence

His older elder


His fear of regret..

Does love fix that?

There is no backup plan anymore—

Its all or nothing at all—

Its sink or swim—

Giving up on having a plan,

A plan to recall, a plan in case

Of a fall, a plan for the brawl soon

To appear while we stay down here—

A plan for the next 24 hours cause anything

Goes when these cracks are because of me—

Empty pharmacy is burning down,

Is no longer in this plastic town—

No more plans for the worst for

Its already here, plans to surrender,

Plans to render the later changes that

Will cover the regret found in the pavement—

Walk upon it and burn everything else

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