Called Today

Survival is the curse

The final fight before the hearse

6 feet under is above the lowest spot

So let me follow through

Let me fall for You..will You?

Never has there been a man that is more

Alive! I sing it but I don’t believe it—you have

Crafted me in the busy life that surrounds me—

All my worship is worth it, license to drive,

But license to do whatever I want—scary it does

Seem that the world is ending so soon that I had

A fast zoom with red doors and summer memories of

Kansas City—stickshift summer it was

Curly haired kind of preacher—Arabian mystery has

Been revealed to me, we are from the place you were

And are coming back again—

Summer of magic, summer of near You, summer of

Winter soon to come,

Not being me is the greatest tragedy for everyone else

Is already taken—

Now its like outliner, eyeliner with black edges,

Now I am empty and I need You to fill me in again

And again—dark over light but please Lord, not

Tonight for I cannot always want tomorrow so soon—

Let me rest in the next 6 hours and love what it brings!

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