Secrets on the floor,

Walked upon,


Thorny Rose,

Love has pain or its

Not remembered–

I sleep with your memory

L.A. is the way, the truth,

The lack of life,

Smog and fog

Blonde haired girl with a skinny


Hands in the wrong place,

Mind was pure but then not

Really sure—story to tell,

After that limbo hell—

That flannel

Shirt, I kissed those lips,

It seemed worth it for 30 minutes–

Am I dead if I don’t grow close to You?

I have no clue how to live—

Purity has been lost in this generation

Grown up now in healing anticipation—

Power now, power then, power to come

Revive the dead bones that live in me,

That choose temporary over choosing

Your glory–its lost, so give me salt,

Its my fault, I will search and lock it

Away in the vault

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