Burning like Kerosene

Across the sound machine

Fog lights for the foggy days of nothing

Real enough to keep us to stay,

Summer of thirst, pain ready to burst—

Imitation had its limits, joy had its divits

On this darkened face

Burning like kerosene across this

Galaxy, many more millions to follow,

Many more stars to swallow—

Winter of hiding, fear like hibernation

Fear with consternation, kingdom now?

Kingdom to take right now? Fire for those ones

That don’t follow us, You wish the end would start

Now, kindled on the edges of this existence,

Lit up with much resistance—listen, if you have two

Ears, Hear Him if you can press past the boredom—

Resting is not relaxing, peaceful is not life in the sauna—

Fire for this sweat, fire for a thousand regrets, fire for

This desire—Isaiah saw and was changed forever, Paul

Fell down to never be blinded again, Ezekiel loved the wheels

But sought Your likenesses—I have not yet seen enough to

Proclaim, but what I know has made it grow –hunger, thirst,

And ready to burst with life and love and joy—

Now I wield the fire, Your word is the kerosene

Your love is supreme,

My words fall to the ground,

Would you help them get up higher

And higher—death to be swallowed,

Sadness is man’s madness but the earth

Is here, the earth is now, the earth is future—

Here I am, send me

Here we are, send us

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