Grateful/ Summer

Backwards was the memory
Episodic was the sidekick
weekends were neverending
Seared at Sears looking for John
Deere’s, for cutting better grass and
Paying the penants called tax return
called give me all that I can possibly earn–
sweet summers came in November ended
with September, April showers and no umbrella
For the rest
God be the test, these decisions are in constant
Revision–worthy is the Lamb and I am just a man–
So close, so soon, all I wanted was you, all I needed
Was new memories–
Stair fears with mom and dad,
Fights to midnight was everyone’s plight–
Seared it to be this empty on a Saturday
Rental, not sentimental just thermal at
Neutral, backseat you sat with your hands
folded with winter scolded–summer never you
Summer to winter please–to much heat from the
Love on the streets, to little heart hardened for
A sinful pardon–I am grateful, I am baptized, I am
writing without permission, I am saying what lives
Cause I live, Cause McDonald’s days have faded
Away and that grease has gone away, I am the ice
Cream lover now, for the sweets of the love You have
Shown stay with me now

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