Get Up!

Reflecting on how good God is and how much we can hate ourselves.

The great delay as some would say
The hours to slave away—making the
Rent, making another dent on the freeway—
Its rims, its rubber, it’s a life sucker—
Waiting is hard for the hard hearted, for
Saving is a once but changing is a daily
Must—heart hardens with no more mercy
Pardons, judgment day coming—one life,
One death, one sentence, one gavel drop
For this body on borrow, this pain with its
Sorrow, this rental of a shadow I carry with me—
Peter power for the sick, just one touch and power
Is released-
To long now has man hated his existence
Has lived in constant resistance,
To long now has this body been hated at,
Motivated to change by sun and waves
But there is sand in these dreams, its morsels
Is with me called knowledge, called glory,
Called covering the earth like that great big
To long have you casted your shadows and covered
Your eyes, they shine bright with light—it is always our
Fault though we get the salt, its always our decision though
We get mercy in the revision—
We have been down for to long now—
We have sorrowed much to long now—
All face death but some carry its sting—
Loss is never a crossword puzzle,
Is never ten letters or less—its sorrow
Carries day to day until escape is desired—
We groan, we wait, this tent is for rent—
His signature signs anyone’s departure—
God up above, daily misunderstood—
Words in red make me dead for I cannot be
Perfect with all these beautiful imperfections—
You have a slant, you have a dent, its all the same
God but no one is not special, air it like a commercial—
Made unique, made with purpose, made to no longer
Hate what has been perfectly made—eyes now light up
With truth, this body has purpose, this flesh is not a waste
Of Your time, I am Thomas, I am doubting, I am now shouting
That those wounds were real, those scars will stay indelible,
Will stay incredible—Jesus Christ is no superstar, is no musical
On repeat—He bears the wounds meant for me, meant for
Humanity—angels look down and cast their crowns—only
This tent of a body can carry light and truth and give it back
As proof of Your love—we are down, we are hard pressed,
We are full of sorrow but the greatest change comes with
Just one look at Your fiery eyes—I will speak, I will seek,
I will say all that I can possibly see—up now, to the highest place!

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