Eternal Thoughts

Can’t shake it off

Can’t not care about how far you’ve come

Can’t forget the scars and the lights and the

Desires that have got us here,

I don’t remember never not remembering

All the best things, those childhood things,

Those memories like a maze, those colors

Like a daze, now rainbows show me your mercy!

Noah is remembered , not a nephew I never knew

But a bright light to hold, a new sound so bold—

Purpose has been passed down and so have your

Problems and the things you never faced—its called

Parenting, its called child rearing for the God fearing—

The choice has chosen me, Your voice has called me—

Love is always mentioned after the comma,

Is always a run on sentence, for it never ends now

I can’t shake it off,

This desire to be with You for eternity—

This tent is on rent,

This sorrow on borrow—

Your signature signs my departure and I am

Here for such a time as this—

Knowledge seems useless when passion

Is all that is needed to sway a generation—

This is our condition

A frail people,

A broken remnant of love’s

Adventure—not just survival anymore,

But the power for revival that goes past

Daily, that leaps over the freeway and onto

Me—nothing else is needed to get me to

Stay here with You—I have a future, I have

A purpose, yet alone is never where I will be—

With brothers and sisters everywhere!

Let our lives be worthy of all that You have

Given—I will not shake off eternity, it will

Never fade away, it will always drive me,

And always be with me

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