Facebook junkie

A faceless generation faded way back when

The critics rose up and wrote it—which way does

The sun set? Which road is paved with regret?

I have no clue what is next as you smoke that next

Cigarette, lips are smacking for the next answer

From Heaven, I am low on fuel but high on having

All the clues—

Did He obey all the rules when He called You?

I cannot swallow anymore hollow commands,

This tent is for rent and soon to be returned

To its owner—I have no debt, I just have interest building

For all the confusing prayer meetings, for all the empty

Greetings and the hollow shouting masqueraded as power

From on high—

Follow me is all I can hear now—one last time,

One last beginning before a fire scorching,

Before a kindled marriage begins, before darkness

Has no more space in me—

Facebook junkie to the faceless men and women

Sometimes acceptance is your greatest resistance—

For risk takers change the world—

Fear is quieted but is louder when the screen

Stays on unending—

Now its ink, now its pen,

Now poverty is my storage bin—

I refuse to be empty, to be a hollow

Sound or a clanging symbol as a symbol

Of hypocrisy—love for You has consumed

Me—may it be faceless and feel so heartless

But may it be whatever it has to be to get us


Faceless with a clenched fist—

All are waiting to be known!

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