In The Waiting

Learning Sonship in the shipwrecks

Materials over the minerals but everything

Below me is from You,

Carved Your name on these palms

Watched the wind with no one to cover it for

Me—for the best storms are the ones You create—

Like the many rain dances we have done waiting for

The flood to come—

You have the forecast,

Do we have what will last?

Has hope been my anchor?

Am I still in need of a Savior?

Been busy since the resurrection walking around

And telling all my friends—I saw the stars point back

To You, I saw the scars and all that You can do—but not

All follow when You stand in front of them,

Not all beckon again for a Savior—He is risen!

He is healer! Yet I still can walk away and choose

The other way—everyone leaves eventually so

Radical can be lonely—

It’s the invisible that gets me in trouble,

That makes trouble—coming King with a kingdom

To bring home—

The earth is now, the earth is future,

The earth no longer will dissolve but later

Will solve the home question—

It is here, it is now, it is future—

Sons and daughters, walkers on the

Water, miracle makers—shipwrecked

Kind of living, skyscraper kind of dreams—

Many are the curses before all the hearses

Take us deeper—death feels close like a hot

Fever, this heart is burning up waiting for You

To show up—

Sonship lessons still to be taught,

Gifts are caught but Your love is taught—

We will wait, we will wait for You

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