Forehead reads deceased

Heart bleeds increased—

February strong, sanded memories

Mountain backdrop, I cannot get up now—

Out of order it reads—first to live, second to

Die, third day to be raised up high—three days

This stick will perish, this love will cherish You

All over again—that middle week, that middle

Weakness—I saw you looking, saw you waiting,

All my friends left anyways, corn mazes and empty

Fields could make me yield to You—It hurts now to

Think of the losses—the white box detox, the driveway

Memories of driving away with your loss, with your innocence

Lost—it’s a glory road paved with pain, just need some silver linings

Now, its just a sliver some would say

Forehead reads deceased but my

Story reads increased—

Death to life,

You are the risen one!

The cops chased the cape and

There’s still an ache—that black Knight

Never lived it right—no one can save certain

Memories—all will parish and love will cherish

The inside of me, clean me out and set me with

A fresh heart, one that bleeds love, bleeds mercy

Bleeds cherish me before I parish

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