Sitting at the shoreline wasting time
Summer of fireworks, summer by the docks,
Summer with no socks—now these feet are dirty,
This heart is weary, this head has never rested so
Easily upon these shoulders You have given me,
Government where is Your governor? Is He righteous
Yet? Is the earth covered yet? Is this dirt wet, is this clay
The way I was made? Formed and fashioned has lost its
Fashion sense—
No longer closer do we stay but this love is to good
For me to receive it all over again—
Shoreline kind of living,
Those friends over there they have jumped
Right in, now a fisher of men, now a tax collecting
Fiend you are, now a friend He calls you, now a
Lover He divides You,
Shadow power for the shadow
Coward, murder in your hands,
Now I plead with reality, please
Don’t invade this weary land just
Yet! I know its dry and the river is
Low but we still gotta know how
Heaven can grow—
Is this message up to me?
Up to us self absorbed friends
That You have called—
Set apart, set in stone, set
On the shoreline of choice and
Destiny, of the mystery and the
Destiny—I choose, I have the choice,
I choose to crossover into that scary
River of life that is nothing less then
The whole truth—made for love,
Made for fullness, made not for
The dullness of selfishness—
Shoreline no more,
Cross over

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