Past Wiring

Can’t get away from You,

Can’t escape my hardwiring

My misfiring of this passion—

My lack of compassion—

My part in this passion

Its up for sale the fire of the

Past—old wood underneath

Me, old good I used to do,

All bad I wanted to forget—

I recollect the regret, the endless

Revisions of those decisions that

Have led me to You—

Train by the tracks, by the paths

Of those late nights, risking it all

For a stick of gum, refusing to live

Numb, alive and alone in that basement

Place, rolled away was the stone on

Repeat without it I couldn’t sleep—

For the resurrection has haunted me

All of my days—

This pursuit has not stopped,

Your love has not let up,

Darkness is fed up inside of my

Soul now

Its revival we say,

Its power we pray

But it’s love that will stay—

Hardwired for pleasure,

In this bloodstream isn’t a

Slipstream of You, for I am

Found weighed heavy

On gold while growing old—

Age is the battle now, will

Wisdom follow the path I

Hallow? In me sits glory,

Better that I leave is what You

Once said, written in red,

Hardwires are crossed—choose

Fear or choose the Cross,

Choose love or choose a life

Of loss—never satisfied until all

Is fulfilled in the book of truth—

Our lives should be proof that

You are alive—

Ruined now to never live for

Anything less than all that You

Have for us

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