Skyscraper Lover

L.A., this is my home.

Skyscraper kind of love

Empire building from above

Kingless will never be an endless

Dilemma, I am a period but you

Are a comma, You are the dashes

With continuance, You are the carry

Over before it’s all over—ink and pen

Is this tongue when you begin—the ready

Writer, the white horse rider, a name we

Don’t know, but wherever I go there is

The battle, I am the ax you swing, I am

The nation you reprimand, I am the nation

Of silly, of how come, I am the comma after

Sin’s death sentence, I am lasting, I am

Continuing because of You—this name

You drew is a free fall, an endeavor to save us

All—lonely in L.A. some would say, I know there

Are angels but where are its wings?

I have lost sight of the heavenly symphony

Made to enter into something greater than myself—

Made for love and nothing else

Made to pursue, to hunt, to rip through all

That fear has to offer, all that fear can falter,

My life on the altar, a man of sacrifice doesn’t

Think twice of the thrice fold promise:

The word, the blood, the water that carries

Me, the word of washing, the life of gushing with

Light—mom prayed it early and its sun is still rising

In me—hunger, thirst and a dearth of emptiness since

The birth of this Prophet—I am at school sitting still

Like I should, printing pages making powerpoints,

Making slides, printing out more pages of bank statements-

Going back down memory lane when the sky was plain, I

Have this love like an airplane—mom is on it and daily

Rides the heavens for me—death is faced but I won’t carry

Its sting—love, early at best, is ready for the great departure—

Where once again we will land on this fallen ground and set

Up a righteous town, one with Your endless crown—L.A. seems

Nothing compared to what is coming, but You are with me,

In the stars, in the regret, in the wet cement of dreams I can

Create—love is the answer, see it like a skyscraper

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