Is it over yet?

Is it over yet?

It’s a tepid stream

It’s a river’s dream

It’s a fiery stream

Absurd it sounds this grace

That abounds—I am dark in the night,

Hidden under the covers,

A heated lover,

A heated freedom fighter—

It’s a free fall in this city of

Angels, this love works all the angles—

Worthy is this life I live!

For Your gifts are still being unwrapped—

I have the mind that you died with,

That had thorns in it, I am regret on

Repeat cause I still feel the heat,

It burns and keeps me up at night—

Snowflake cities they were once apart

Of my memories—presence with the presents

On Christmas morning—dad had his coffee,

Its maker on repeat, its smell like a hollow shell

Of a shaped day, his munchies, his endless fights

With death—television was at the center,

Kids are actors, no, really we were!

Center stage we took,

Couldn’t read a book,

Put it all on looks—had those bright eyes

In the night sky, had those crushes to the

Sky—a hesitant soul lived in the hollow shell

Of yesterday’s dreams—what is regret?

What is the pain it brings? Is it just a memory,

Those things you could have done?

Is it over yet?

This life you have given—

To live it the weapon to wield,

To feel the dirt, to live in the light—

To embrace pain cause it will come—

To not live numb, to face being dumb-

To be smart, to be on the edge, to be

Sharp, but to love with all your heart

It is not over yet, there is still time for

No regret

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