I Am The Mission

Memories, a double-edged tragedy

Making copies, carrying past trophies,

Always on time, always loud in the morning—

Wake up call, five eggs and lots of coffee,

Daily is like laundry, same colors, same

Temperature, burger King memories, soda

For free, Starbucks in the wake up calls—

A daily pass to get out back in the world

So cruel—wrecking ball would appall us

All! White clothes for the darkened colors

Of the world’s best sinners! I have a feast

But are the lame invited? Are the blind around

Me even if they can’t see my faceless invitation

My heartless inventions—

I am a homosexual! Yes, I am! I am a lesbian!

I am a sexual predator, I am a_____don’t say it!

I am a blank page of messiness, I am a proclivity

Against gravity, I am in love with sin’s cavity—

I am shiny on the outside and gross on the inside!

All this depravity why should we say it ain’t so!

For failure is how you grow

Sinless is for the Savior

Sinful is for the mercy bender like me

I am in need of good news for all I see is bad

Words and letters written all over of me—

I am Your epistle! I am love’s missle!

I am the mission God—to save me is Your


Memories, a double-edged tragedy

Making copies of the old me,

Handing them out around town

You appeared like a gardener

You appeared for a garden like me

You appear to break the thorns I carry

I am the thistle

I am love’s missile

I am incapable of saving myself—

Start a fire God, burn that which is already

Smoke, is nothing but a joke of an effort,

Is a green screen full of fake dessert

Sweet, good and pleasure—its all from You

Teach me how to love what is right!

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