Eternal Thoughts

Now it’s a free fall,

Now it’s a Sunset Boulevard kind

Of hard—famous is an understatement,

I am lost in contentment, I am unsettled by

Eternity, sews together in between the weather

The best storms are the ones you create—

Shadow days are past, shadow power for

The shadow coward, before the rooster screams

Naturally you will deny me—I am hidden like

The gardener, here is the eternal preparer of

My soul—like a tape it played, it was a tape

Of resurrection, since it I have been better

But still am sick with hunger, in the clouds is

This mind for up there is where it belongs—

Sanded sides of this ship I am riding, I am

Going down and its going around—learning

Sonship in the shipwrecks! I have no colors to

Show, no love to not let show, no nothing is

My empire and my scribbled scraps of aspirations—

I am a smoke screen of a dream lived on repeat—

Its Sunset Boulevard kind of hard,

The place where everyone lies to you about how

Awesome you aren’t and how famous you could

Be, city of angels, city of disappointment, city

I am chosen to be in, city I love, citified never lies—

Are you in the lights?

Are you on the Boulevard?

You created hard, where are you not?

Darkness sits in the campus, a small town

Of decisions to be made—free fall sometimes

It has to be, risk it has to be, love it has to be,

In with everything it has to be, holding nothing

Back it has to be—

God is here, Christ is near, the lights are brighter

Then you could ever imagine—

This mind can’t comprehend, O, for the end!

This earth is now, this earth is future, this earth

Isn’t going anywhere

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