Skyscraper Love, part 2

Skyscraper love

Come to me

Middle road love

Affair look at the green

Behind my ears, tell me all

My fears, a city life is scary,

A club drug is passed down to

Me, who drank this before?

Come out of her it says,

Out for good, a shout for short,

A proclamation for long!

The red lights in the bright


Mullet for a change

Needed an exchange,

Jumpsuit days inside those

Smoke screens of adolescence—

I am all that I think I am not—

I am something when I am nothing

But I save it up for you,

I save my love for the future—

For the aisle walk downs,

For the chocolate fountains

In front of the mountains—

I am the google effect you

Call today, you call legal in

Ireland, O, where the fun has

Lifted and Peter is being sifted—

I am out of rhymes, out of crimes

To get locked up for—

I am ready for a color change,

For a future rearrange,

Skyscraper love has been lost

By the clouds, clogged by the smog

Now ready for light to break in today!

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