Red Eyed Flight

Took a red eyed flight

To get to you in one night,

White sand beneath you,

Darkened memories, better

With a new color on your head

Early departure code,

Death cannot erode but

This coffin goes deep

Epitaph like a chart

He was never backwards

Always lived forwards—

Mercy lens you have me in

I am lost without it,

These eyes see dark and black

And grey, these eyes have to

Much in the way—

Ink from coldplay

Plays on repeat—

All those past lovers,

Past flings, past heart

Strings plucked and thrown

In the gutter, was it better?

Was it worse? Or did I never

Know true love first?

Reversed is what I ask,

Eyes were pure then got

Not so sure, red blood filled

Up like a flood now I am

Always misunderstood—

Loved me as your enemy,

Loved me never on empty—

A mature man follows through

With following You, now I have

Nowhere else to go, nothing else

To show,

There was those all night flights,

Endless wingspan, endless

Jetway plans, endless waiting up

For her to stabilize me

Is it better when you leave?

Am I an inked version of

Me? On pen it writes,

You loved those red eyed

Flights, now I am ready to

Land, to forever rest, to forever

Sit still and let Your love

Do the rest

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