Rest in who you are

I fear failing you,

Darkened colors and shadow

Outliner—why is dark so attractive?

‘Men love the darkness’ on repeat

I am just an outline

You are inline,

The surface slips,

Ice was better, faster,

But I wasn’t stronger—

Hair cut low for all to know—

Blonde roast daily—

I am just an outline,

White chalk without talk but

Dead on the pavement

Vacancy blinks neon in the

Dusk, I am about to rust but

Outside safety is where You do call me

I am just an outline,

I need Your alkaline

Better than batteries,

Oil for the rare things,

Could we not have sold this perfume?

Why rage against it, against extravagance?

Build me a new memory

One without yelling and tragedy

One without pain and showing no mercy

Make me an outline of You

A picture of Christ

An endless sacrifice

Without love I am just a form

A norm with no reform,

A power without an outlet

An outlet of my own regret

I am just an outline of a man

Fill me up with love,

Fill in these darkened colors

With Your light

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