Don’t Care

It’s a think tank

It’s a dangerous ocean

It’s to deep to discover but this

Hunger does uncover what You have

Made known for us to know—mountain law,

South paw, a left handed hook, a weakened

Look!’ Mountain backdrop,

Mountains could stop

Loved You in the valleys,

Loved You on the mountaintops

I love Justice before mercy,

I love good works before goodness

Grabs ahold of me!

I love repentance with no

Sacrifice, with no need to change!

Am I always mad when you hear me?

I am just mad that we don’t love better

That we don’t go up higher!

That we love video games of profanities

And movies of lust dressed up as love–
I hate the desires that pull me from You!

I hate how little clothes woman can wear

Do they even care?

Do they even know that’s not the attention

They need? I love it too, I love the lust like a

List, Sunset boulevard could offer me something

I think I need—

I love my family,

I will miss you so,

Days when we were trying to grow

I will write it, I will let it out,

I will shout it out for all the earth

To hear! I don’t care about being right

Anymore, I care about love being represented

In all that we do, all that I do,

I am selfish

I am shelf less

I am all out for You,

I am an empty pantry

Feed me God, feed me for I am

Dead without You

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