Sonship in the shipwrecks

Materials over the minerals

Deep down searching for control I am up for a rehire

Your promises never expire Cold has turned to fire,

Never really sure of what you were

What it was then, Glass elevators in our

Plastic town, Upside down frown,

Smoke filled Honda Accord Prayed in tongues and got a Huyndai,

could never lie because

My mind was a camera, recorded Black shoes in the bathroom stall

After all cool is what you want to be?

But Christ lives in me, And there is no going back to

Anything else, No contingency plan, No backup journal

to open Bottle Rocket and Rocket boom

And boom goes the dynamite and

Boom like an explosion is this

Heart on erosion, my pain paves

A new way, a new mountain to climb

A new love to rhyme Curbside love no longer now

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