Roller Ride

Such a roller,

Such a poser,

Such a knee sock lover,

Such a high noon grabber—

Light lover, hope addict,

Fruit inside,

Everyone is a liar without love,

Every tree proves its soil,

Every heart its oil,

Every word proves true

If it started in You—now I

Have no more options but

To choose, to live the roller

Coaster life, up and down,

No, its not mental, yes,

This body is a rental—

I am disgusted that I am

Not disgusted by all the

Perversions, all the body

Exploitations, all the

Fakers in the making—

Hell burns hot not for

Them but for me!

Roller ride down

The five, beach town,

Beach drive, ten degrees

Cooler, but ten degrees

More spoiled—

Never know how to end this,

School before the pool, work

Before absorption,

I need you now, again and


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