Real Community

The last month almost I have been putting out some long Facebook statuses on theological thoughts trying to get some conversations started..

Here is a recent one:

Knowing God as provider is not just material needs( food, shelter, money) and not just a job/career but God as provider also means relationships. God will/has/is the provider of friends(real friends, not just facebook peeps). If God is Father and we are one big family then He knows how important real friendship is. Disappointment from people in our lives leads us to then be disappointed in God because we say, “I thought you were a good Father, why don’t I have any friends?” Learn that God provides and also ask to understand what real community is.

Many a times we just seek to have “fun” with other Christians, but fun is not in the bible. You could call real FUN: Fellowship, Unity and Newness of life. Rather, the word points to the Fruit of the Spirit expressed in each other, building each other up and in our likeness of pursuing Christ we then enter into a joy that is much higher than just eating food and laughing together. Laughter is not always rooted in Joy and contact with others still can make one feel lonely “in the crowd.”
I have never left a hang out time with people that has not had any edification in it feeling great about life, rather it can fuel anxiety and depression. We can easily default to just talking about our past carnal life or making jokes about comic books and Dumb and Dumber( I do it all the time!) but really, really what is the point of those conversations and how deceiving is it to then call that fellowship? One problem is the ‘freely receive, freely give’ principle. We default to talking about nothingness because we don’t really have anything else to talk about, so then what does that say about our walk with God if we can’t talk about Him for five minutes with people we see all the time?


6 thoughts on “Real Community

  1. Community is solely based upon the bearing of the image of God in our faces, and beholding that glory to be moved from glory to glory. It is found when the saints gather, whether for prayer, for Bible study, for worship, or for fun 😉
    Community is the stepping out from this world and into the eternal together with other believers. It is the dividing of oneself away from the systems of the world, and the principalities behind those systems, in order to be taken by something much more organic and beautiful: Zion. Zion is the City of God. Zion is the Mount upon which the Temple sits. Zion is twofold – a heavenly dwelling with an earthly counterpart. Zion is the place of freedom. Zion is the beauty of holiness, it is the unadulterated splendor of where God’s people are in unity with Him, and it is where we shine with the radiance of Christ. This is community. It is where we love one another with the love of Christ Himself, and from that love, we pursue absolute perfection in that love together. Community, to put it plainly, is heaven manifest upon earth through the children of God. Though we know that when two or three gather in His name that He is in our midst, we also know there is a time for this literal manifestation, when Zion will come down from heaven, when the earthly Zion and the heavenly Zion will be one. That is community. It is born out of the travail for that reality in our midst, whatever means it might take through the Spirit of God to get there.
    Grace and peace, dear brother. May Christ’s love overflow in you to be brought unto that eternal radiant glory.

  2. I think one of the biggest obstacles to true community is our expectations. We expect to be fulfilled by those that are in our community – spouse, children, our local fellowship, etc. – and we forget that we are all broken people. The only one who can truly fulfill us is Christ. We get disappointed in the brokenness of others and we close ourselves off to community. Real community comes when we truly accept the brokenness, that people will let us down from time to time, and choose to at least let Christ shine through us and fulfill us. If we rely upon being filled with the Spirit ourselves, then we have more to share in community and we won’t look to take from other broken vessels. That’s a lot of rambling I just did, but I hope it makes sense.

    1. Absolutley makes sense. I love this discussion. Sometimes it can come off a little to why would it be so important to have a focus so intently on Christ in our togetherness, not jut in who we are individually. You are right to say–and a whole other post could be then ‘how much fulfillment do we find in others?’ Here is a thought: what did God mean by Genesis 2:18 “it is not good that man be alone? is that just about marriage or/and also about community and doing life together

      1. That is a good point, and no – that’s not just for marriage. We were made to be relational. God is relational in his Character – He exists eternally as 3 persons. We were made to be relational with other people. The problem is when we expect too much from other people and then are hurt/disappointed when they don’t measure up to the standard we’ve placed on them or they don’t fulfill the need we think they should fulfill.

      2. Yeah..totally. It can be a thin line to walk sometimes because so much of growth is somewhat ‘dependent’ on others, yet their is the element of personal, intimate devotion that you have with God in your “secret place” that you know, the oil you get is the oil you can only get–just you and God! Yet, the test of our growth and the measure of fruit in our lives comes from the call to fervrently love each other!

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