Carpet Lover

Spending Freeze

Now at ease

Balmy breeze

King trouble

Queen peace

Those years back

Same sun

Same Son

Same mind

Same family

Do it to me—truth or dare?

Truth or tragedy? Curled up in

The corner—

Carpet lover

Blood stained future

IPOD on repeat,

I press delete until

Next chapel, until next

Chastisement, until next

Call to give all the ointment,

I saved some for Friday night

When it could be the one to rooftop

It with, to sit on the skyline with—

Carpet lover,

Burrito cover,

Ponchos at 3am, rolled tacos,

Rolled up these fears, now I am

Diving in with everything!

Attached was a detached phase

Down by the roaches

But now I can approach this throne so scary

Because of mercy!

Attached was a detached fantasy

To close on those holidays

Cold in the bold city

Of dreams—

Paced in the Orange for

Something to keep me warm—

Now silence is the norm

Cold bricks of criticism

At the flame

Memory like double edged sword

Have I wielded it yet?

Cutting through the darkness

Of the carpet,

Cockroach does approach You now,

I am dirty looking for gravity,

I am not clean looking for water to wash me-

Burn my bridges down, carpet town, I ride it like

Magic, I am the Prince You call to stay raised,

I am praised on the carpet, for You, with You,

Skyline is time to be done, peel back and reveal

This carpet we have rolled out for You,

Red , royal and ready for You to come!

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