Facebook Discussions: Being Yourself or Being like Christ?

Posted to my facebook  page.

Seemingly contradictory biblical ideas that have surfaced in conversations the last couple of months. what do we think about:

-What is the difference between dying to ourselves( ‘it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me’) AND being yourself? If being yourself involves acting immature and conforming to sin then what do we mean by “just be you?”

Our motivation to learn who we are comes from a few cracks in the foundation. First off, we can hate ourselves and despise who we are and what we look like. Secondly, Christ is our focus and being like Him is the call of every follower of Jesus, it’s not just a good idea. However, if we don’t like who we are then we will not follow Jesus very well so discovering who we really are “in Christ’ seems to be what we mean by “be yourself!” But yet, its not about me being myself. I can find a cure for self-hatred by agreeing with God’s truth but what I feel like we try to mean in all of this(feels more complex then it needs to be, but maybe it is) is

I need to be ME because I am unique and special and therefore we CAN work on that apart from the pursuit of Christ. I really don’t care for any of that because that is extremely sinful and shallow and undermines grace. I don’t have the right to just “be me” if what I do is immature, sinful and childish all in the name of “oh, I am just an extrovert, this is who I am?”

If you know me as Jared, yes I am a dork 100 percent. I love doing the splits and making people laugh and I’ve discovered that that is a gift BUT at the same time growing up in God requires that parts of the proclivities to “act” a certain way will be part of who I am with also a question of motive..is this me acting this way to get attention from others or what is my motive in how “I act.”

If I just say I need to be me then me is wicked, depraved, evil, self-loving, loving pleasure rather than God, prideful, arrogant, using my influence wrongly, and the list goes on. If I just be me without submission to truth then I might as well stop this whole Christianity thing and play call to duty all day at my mom’s house(which my mom would tell me I am being stupid if I did that and probably not let me do that like any good parent would do).

It is accurate to say “lets be who God created us to be” and their is freedom in knowing that, but at the same time its not just some Freudian dream session where who you really are is in the subconscious where the id, the ego and the superego all collide. Knowing truth, the word and applying it to these notions of who we are has to always be at the center. Thoughts?

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