I am Continuance

Always a continuing soul

Always a burning control war

Never a backup plan for this life

With wingspan—dangerous is the

Sold out soul, trouble is the one

Who loses control! I am David too,

A lover of mercy, a lover of thirsty

A bloodshed lover, a late night adulterer,

A righteous slayer of the census,

Senseless you could say, but war lives

And lies within me—I am a fighter too

I am a warrior too! I will lean in again,

Always is Your love on repeat,

Sin for the delete button,

Arrogance has me in,

But poverty is for the storage

Bin—I pull out that weakness

When You need it—is it daily?

Are we all just crazy for love?

Crazy in love?

Better than pop music is the ceiling

To stare at when lights fade and

The noise quiets down—

Forever is Your sacrifice,

Forever now, I don’t think

Twice—nothing ever rhymes

In the river of risk that runs

Through You—I am continuing

Because of You, we are here,

Always Lord, for You, for all

That You do! Make me a David

Too—fearless in mercy for it

Is furious, it is fierce, it does

Now pierce the deepest weaknesses

And the biggest addictions—I am

Educated wrongly, I am rich wrongly,

I am continuance,

An ever safe life has burned

Down now—all is for You,

A holy entity, a burning Holy

Continuing city

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