Tainted Thoughts

Who has the answer

The image is tainted

Made to be painted

By Holy things—

By Holy and True

By a new you found

In his death—

Diva pager

Racial slur slayer

I love division

I hate admission

I run from conviction

I love the friction

Man rages with the nonfiction

The mountain top facts

Your glory back

They saw your voice

But they still had the choice

Tablet heart, write it a fresh

A living epistle is up for suspect

I am retrospect, a hipster crew cut

A deep v turtleneck,

A Seattle coffee stop,

A new life to live for all

The Unholy thoughts—

Divided we will fall,

United in Christ we

Will still fall—on His

Rock, On His word,

In this place we have built

There is fear for You

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