Dead To Sin

Love addiction

Love revelation

Less addicted to today’s restoration

Pain and change

Loose and tight

Trying to get it right

Up at midnight for greatness

Rises early, pain stays up late,

Struggle has no circadian rhythm

Hold it not so light

That thing called God’s light—

That thing called living right—

Godliness is not sexy and

Sex is a mystery to behold—

Sun spots free of charge for the

Picnic days of love’s getaway—

I too am a shade tree, I too have

Delight in the temporary, I too

Am not a tower but I am David,

I am a mercy lover, I am a bloodlust

Kind of blade runner, for religion is

A robot to fight, a stiff necked wrestle

Match—publish these into a book but

Let that book shine brightly, I will not

Die unless I say Jesus rightly—

You did not learn Christ this way—

Without the Cross we are cursed and

Dead in our sins! Its futile to live by

Fate, it feels futile to live by faith,

It will not be futile when frugal burns

Deep and bright and replaces our poverty

With that continuing city—the one to come

We call home, forever and ever—Amen!

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