Fire Thoughts, Not Assured

Sweets on the floor—innocence that steals away sweetness—

Sugar with the rubber,

Now what I love sticks

To me,

Idol lover, I do with rubber,

Safety before the walk down

Safety in the take down,

Risk for the casino people,

The river rubble,

The Native American struggle

But no way! I am not like that

Driven off my land

Now He’s a dollar bill face

An emblem of disgrace

But am I to a racist!

A learned prejudice!

My white supremacy carved

In secrecy, yes I watched American

History X too! Yes, I loved School

Dazed and confused and the

Trees in between—yes I am

Malcolm and full of X-rated

Thoughts upon division, upon

The lesser things of the lower

Rings of fire that stretch beneath

Us—hell on earth? Hell right now?

Hell in the future, its all going down

Soon anyway, how I view this

Will change everything

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