A Thousand

Freeway addiction

Forgery affair with

Who doesn’t care—

I coffee carry it close to me,

A blue briefcase of space I

Have made for you—a thousand

Steps for a thousand moons, for

A thousand near to you, Paper

Towns and Jurassic stripes to

Whip me again, a Serpentine

Salvation to the one that lost

His legs, to the one that made

This maze—where are you now?

Where are you today?

Where are you when this earth wants

To fade away?

A thousand years to come,

A thousand reasons to love You better

To say let us please make this work—

I am broken and full of lust, full of pain

Full of rejection from a thousand

Misconceptions, a thousand years as

Just one day, but love now makes me

Lean in to You, makes me crazy,

And makes me committed to the

Process—a thousand more days

Please extend them, please mercy for

A thousand million souls to see the sea

And to give up free and to give up comfort

And to rest assured—a thousand more reasons

To not quit today in the pursuit of loving You


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