Dream Language

Sometimes when we use the words ” I have dreams” we think of wishful thinking that is attached to material confirmation. We use the phrase “The American dream” and usually bash it because it doesn’t fit the Gospel. But I would have to say that having dreams in God usually means that something deep in you desires to work in..or do this or that..or even be…And that is not a bad thing. A dream in God in our pursuit of Christ is not wishful thinking rather it feels like it is outside of yourself when really you have the dream because its a true “desire of your heart”(Ps.37:4).

As we grow up in God our desires change and we don’t always know exactly what to do or where to go or “HOW” to act on our dreams and desires but usually you will find that what has been natural to you most of your life is maturing and growing and is being more refined to give glory to God over your lifetime. We don’t tell people to follow their dreams if we are not following God and that is the biggest difference.

One thought on “Dream Language

  1. It is a difficult line to walk. I’ve said it before on my blog, but for a long time I had thought my dream of being a writer was conflicting what God wanted in my life – only to finally listen when God had been telling me all along “I gave you that dream”.

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