Chased me then At it again, endless summer Love again, under the shade tree Again, beach days with Peter’s Feet, do you love me now after The rooster died somehow— Its some shadow power for The shadow coward—a Temple gate called don’t Hesitate—get up and walk today! A chasing kind of debit transactions A life full of reactions, Will pain define the way I live Will this personal experience triumph Perfect existence? That which was and Is and will be as long as I follow through With following You—its Monday now, Manic somehow but each day I die and Live a little bit more again— Under the sky does the guitar play The quasar of a galaxy, of a Samsung Of a flip phone on repeat—to capture You God in the smallest of spaces in Me—I created the cracks beneath me, Now chase me into a filed out place A filling in kind of space—summer Love is coming again, for You we live And welcome Your mystery to live Within

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