Middle Love

A God-fearer

A devil-slayer

A demon hunter

A man eater

A red dressed up kind of


A spot light on mister Shindler

Could it be any kinder then

To need a real Savior?

A world of controversy has

Come to me—

The pulpit in the culprit

A story to write,

A life to get right

A hyphen kind of friend

An addendum to the conundrum

Alone is dead and alive in the crowds

Real loud traffic from beneath

Sheol greats you today

Fire takes up to much space

For a lake of fire for the few

We want to go there

But a sea on my knees is

What I plead—glass to spread

Like the cracks in the cement

A cemented message before the

Rent, before we ask to repent!

I will speak,

I will go against the labels

Around me,

Label it Christ crucified and don’t

Ask for anything else—

The middle love has come down

From above—high is Your name

And High above is what I will


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