Plane Mercy

Not sure how to let go
But will let you know when it starts
Separate lives lived
Mercy for the thirsty
It bleeds in me
Death calls my name
Water to walk on
Fear to face
Longing overtakes the
Plane, constant runner
You once were
Broken marathoner of
A dreamer, why is halfway a crime?
Why do I answer for the time
Given to me?
Jetway lover you were
A born traveler,
Saw mom live forever on
The running of the clouds
Stable soul is a lack
For can I ever move back
To the old? To the city to raise
Me? Messenger in the making
All the trials for the taking
Love has me in,
Poverty a storage bin,
Saving up my brokenness
For a one night miracle
No going back calls in the dark,
I feel we lose the spark so easily..
Sex sells in the video game
False war to claim a calm man
With no real violence in his hand
Love is a fight
And a final one at that
Skinny love you have grown wider
Waistline never changes
But can these knees bleed a little
Never mind the free wifi
You are in a plane
You could die?
Am I grateful?
Or are we faking faithful
For dinner at the table?
Creator and sustainer
There’s no going back to that
Old life,
It’s now or never
Older in November
Show me the skyline of Your
I fight the past with the present

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