This poem has nothing to do with the song Skinny Love but when I hear this song I think of my sister and how I miss her a lot right now..

This love is on skinny

Abstract car chases in the making

Counting on a life of constant changing

Love for Christ=everything you will ever possess

Red, white and blue? Middle of the night for the

Final fight,

It used to take longer to learn sweet

Surrender, but this movie brain is on

Render, is always waiting to discover

You in bigger and better ways-

Edges where are you?

Hatred why do you never leave this

World we live in?

Cutting out all the ropes now

Trading in a safe life with the

One Christ has to give,

Risk is a disc that spins in Your

Head, two tours for the war machine,

Four scores for America’s memories,

Fear is the great escape away from


Let us face this place for its not

Going anywhere!

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