Compiled Poetry

I can’t think
Animals and hearts
Shark fangs and wolf fins
It has me in, evil in the mind
Taking up all of my time
I am always troubled by future
Trouble and current peace dressed
Up as safety, dressed up as making
The world a better place

Its beauty has me in
A lean back in the chair
The view from down here
Earth is no longer a curse but
A hearse for a later day
Early departure cries
Delayed laughter
Joy in the crosses
Joy in the cross before it
He laid
Set before love was proven
Commitment is spoken for now

Thinking in the dark
Little blue eyed dreamer
Crew cut streamer of a ship ready
For the water below me!
Box cutter lost in the ripped jeans
In the endless streams of the pursuit
When panic was a nightly thing
Covered up with death’s sting

Backseat dreamer never
Ready for the future
Over those bangs came
Those fangs, Your love did dig into
Truth dug into me at an early age
I learned the sage and never
Said love was just a phase,
Church was just a phase, they
Will grow out of it!
Share it with me, life on repeat
Laundry mat date,
Clean these clothes with me
Build these homes with me

I refuse to be erased
I will make a mark
A indelible mark of love
The fur coat is gone but
The attention is nearer
Then when we first believed!
People of the night no longer
But its colder in Decemeber
20,000 to gather and fear to scatter
Time is running out and I am always
Troubled by how steady and peaceful
It seems—you told you you were naked
Who told you that God rules this country
It’s the King and the Kingdom that makes
The most impact and causes the highest
Amount of offense!

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