You Are Special

I don’t think that teaching kids a mentality that “they are special!” is very helpful or even biblical. It is true that we have value to God and to others and we are made in His image.However, a lot of times believing that you are unique and special actually creates entitlement. The over spiritual language could sound like this, “I am so special and I am royalty therefore I can live like this..” It is true to believe that you are a Son and a daughter and it is true that we have access to God’s blessings.

But if everyday we wake up and tell God what we deserve..well that is scary business. We need to emphasize the truth of identity and at the same time we need to understand that God doesn’t owe us anything and for us to be alive and breathing and living is all we really need from Him to have enough humility to live for Him. I don’t want to believe that I am so awesome just because my teachers said that when I was a kid. Jesus is special. Jesus is awesome. Jesus is the reason why I am here. I am awesome because of Him but does it really help us to walk around and think that we are something that we are not..lest we forget that we need a Savior..lest we forget that we are DYING to ourselves to be more like Him.


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