• Trey Wilson Telling someone that they’re special or important isn’t the same as encouraging people to live an entitled life. Thus, I disagree that it is unbiblical to the people they are special.
  • Jared Diehl I am not saying that it always creates entitlement I am saying that it can and actually it really seems very shallow to me to just say someone is special…is that actually what the bible teaches?
  • Jared Diehl We also have to define what encouragement is to?
  • Trey Wilson The message of the Bible is God loves people so much that He was willing to sacrifice Himself in order to be united with them.
  • Trey Wilson With children I think it’s important to tell them positive things about themselves. They don’t understand in depth theology. Just hearing “You’re special and you’re loved” can do wonders for a child. It creates self value and confidence it can twist into entitlement and an inflated ego but I don’t think that makes the practice itself a bad thing.
  • Christy Eskes I think it depends on how you define “special”. Each of us were created uniquely by God (Psalm 139), and I agree with Trey that a child should hear that he/she is special and loved. I think entitlement comes more with the “you are a winner, here’s a trophy for everything” mentality that has been fostered over the last decade or so. Parents don’t want their children to be average or for them to suffer heartbreak. To me, “you’re special” is different than “you are the center of the universe”.
  • Jared Diehl Ahhh yes Christy Eskes I agree with that I think that’s a better way to say it and Trey Wilson I agree to that their is a distinction in the way that we say it

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