Love Today Discussion

It is false for us to say that it all comes back to God’s love. This statement that many make are not wrong to emphasize love but here are some thoughts. Our church is going through the book of Acts right now and it’s interesting that most of the sermons in Acts are not centered on love.

The apostles said a few things over and over:
1. They said hey everyone you killed Jesus and now He is the only way to get to heaven
2. Hey everyone Jesus rose from the dead. The Mars Hill experience that Paul had was all about debating the resurrection
3. repentance and forgiveness were always talked about more than love was mentioned

All three of these things is what got them killed. I am ok with saying that love is important but their is also a passage like 1 Corinthians 6 that says those who practice such things(immorality) will not inherit the kingdom. Love is not in that passage rather stopping your wickedness is in that passage.

It says because of Lawlessness in Mathew 24 that love will grow cold???what???

It does us no good to just say love is all that matters when changing how we live is what it means to follow God. Love changes us and compels us and therefore it is important but it is a part of God not just our faith that God is love. Well, what kind of love? I can’t love anyone without God. So it annoys me that our arrogance comes out when we define what love is and attach 1 john 4 to it.

If we always define love on our terms then we go down a dangerous path of redefining God’s standards through our notion of something that is found in God first and expressed in us secondly.


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