Presenting The Truth( a discussion)

Their is a common misconception to how we are to present the truth. Most of our approach aims at getting people to do three things: 1. Stop your bad thoughts 2. Say good things over yourself 3.tap into some inner goodness and when you do you will and can treat people better.

I don’t know everything but I do know that many sermons can have these three semi true things in them. It hurts our ears to hear that none is righteous no not one! But freedom comes when we rejoice in the good news because of the bad news. I am awesome in God and also not awesome ever because of my pride and arrogance. Their is no such thing as stopping bad thoughts or simply just conjuring up positive phrases for morning mirror time(though I look in the mirror all the time smile emoticon ) yes and no to all of this. I replace the bad with something true and I speak what is true but part of being a truth lover is realizing both sides of the story. I am royalty and I am also homeless. I am blessed but I also don’t deserve anything God has chosen to give me. I am not special even if my third grade teacher said I was. Jesus is special but not always does it need to be my unique traits have to outweigh who God is.

A little rant for you. The older I get the more I realize what I need and what we need is both sides of this sword called the Gospel. Thoughts?

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