Inspired By OneRepublic

An inspiring song that tells me something about God. I am listening to One Republic’s song I lived..”I did it all, owned every second that this world could give..I saw so many places..” First of all I love this band. But a deeper thought is this idea of religion verse relationship. Religion causes you to live safe and by the rules but life with Christ should be an adventure.

Religion depends on a safe God when God is not into comfort but radical trust. Religion has much more to do with keeping up an appearance where as relationship causes us to be vulnerable over and over again for the sake of loving others.

Love makes you do crazy things but usually religion makes you hold back. Regret is everyone’s biggest fear. Wanting to be young again is everyone’s wish but how do we live on the edge of loving God well knowing it is going to cost everything? It’s hard and it’s not worth it is what most would say but how do we fight the fear of not living fully for God with no regrets?

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