Thoughts On Our Callings

Living in the tensions of what God calls us to be and do. On one hand we are all “called” to love and operate in the gifts of prophecy to each other(for edification) and 1 Cor. 12-14. But sometimes I read certain verses like James 3 that advises that I should not be so hasty in desiring to teach. I want to prophesy yet being a Prophet like John the Baptist’s ministry was very short lived and ended with a beheading.

The discussion to start for us is WHEN do we DO what we are CALLED to do?

When and how do we know the difference between knowing what “season” we are in? We will always be adding to what we have learned and working the soil of our hearts ( Mark 4) BUT when is when and when is it time to be silent shall you say and prepare the way of the Lord in our own hearts?

  • Casey McGill I think it all comes down to discernment, Jesus spent a lot of time teaching his disciples things they didn’t understand. It wasn’t until the revaluation of the holy Spirit in Acts chapter 2 that they received understanding in a new way. The Holy SpirSee More
  • Robert Jordan WHEN do we DO what we are CALLED to do? Oh, you will know (Gnosis), when the Spirit prompts you about the season, the place He has placed you on the road marked with your name. This experiential Gnosis is also a vision to exercise so your sight is set on the promptings ahead..
  • Jared Diehl I agree Casey McGill for sure. I think part of the challenge is that we can expect God to tell us exactly what to do and really as we mature in our faith I don’t think it becomes so cut and dry clear what to DO and what NOT to do
  • Jared Diehl I agree with Galatians 5-walk in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit and live by the Spirit

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